These 10 signs may mean your immunity is low


The immunity system is built in such a way that as long as it is working fine, we wouldn’t even know. If there comes a time that it doesn’t our body has multiple ways to sending us this message. As we all know, the immunity system acts as a defence for our body against alien cells or foreign bodies like viruses, germs, and bacteria, therefore, to stay away from all sorts of chronic illness it is very important to keep on building our immunity. Besides other exercises in life, it is now crucial to take multivitamin tablet like Mankind's Health OK tablet.

The signs that our body gives also get very frequent due to the absence of proper nutrients that can be recovered by taking multivitamin and multimineral tablets. If you are not taking any supplement to boost immunity or energy it is important that you do. To start off, get to know your body well with your physician and keep these body signs in your mind so that you would not ignore the signs your body is showing you that indicate low immunity.

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  • Exhaustion
    Feeling tired and fatigue is one of the firsts signs of your body that shows when your immunity is low. The constant feeling of being very tired can be recovered by taking natural ginseng and taurine that help maintain energy, you will find this in Health OK tablets by Mankind Pharma.
  • Prone to infections
    If you are low on immunity you have high chances of getting infections easily and will also last longer than usual. Due to a low immune system, your infections may heal slower than others who have stronger immunity, which shows the immune system is unable to fight the alien cell entering your body. Therefore, to help fasten the healing process supplements like Health OK tablet are highly recommended.
  • Flu & Cold
    Do you catch a cold frequently? Then you have low immunity. People whose immune system is weak tend to have frequent sore throats and cold. Taking multivitamin supplements can help keep you healthy and away from many illnesses.
  • Allergic reactions
    If you are allergic to substances like dust, mold, or pollen it is because of the abnormal reaction of your immune system. Most of the time it is because the immune system overreacts to the allergen.
  • Slow healing injury
    Your body’s ability to heal from any injury is also dependent on the immune system. With low immunity, the bacteria that has entered through the wound begins to multiply and infect your skin thereby delaying the healing process.
  • Digestion
    If your gut bacteria is not balanced your immunity is not either. If you are having indigestion that is a major sign that your immune system is weak. You can maintain the right balance by making use of Mankind Health OK tablet.
  • Anemia
    The low and weak immune system sometimes mistakes healthy red blood cells for foreign bodies and destroys them leading to anemia making you feel weak, tired, breathless, and with poor stamina.
  • Loss of hair – alopecia areata
    This is an autoimmune disorder. A weak immune system can make you lose patches of hair. This is caused by the overdrive of your immune system that attacks hair follicles.

It must be now evident to you, about how important our immune system is to us, and keeping it healthy should be our priority. Thanks to pharmaceutical companies like Mankind Pharma that has developed a unique formulation of micro-nutrients in the form of a health supplement called ‘Health OK’ tablet that not only provides vitamins and minerals to our body but most importantly boosts our immunity as well. So, give a spin to your hectic schedule and know more about Health OK here: http://www.mankindhealthok.com