Multivitamins On An Empty Stomach


Picture this – you wake up later than you usually do because you’ve been completely exhausted by the time you finish your everyday routines. Combine that with the rush of the morning, which results in you ditching breakfast - the most important meal of the day, altogether.

You recently also heard someone recommend a multivitamin tablet for that necessary boost of energy to get you through the day. To start the day full of energy, you take your multivitamin just like that – on an empty stomach and in a rush.

In addition, if doing so got you wondering whether taking a multivitamin on an empty stomach was the best way to consume it, read on to find out more about the nitty-gritties of it. While it is generally safe to consume multivitamins at any time of the day, you may want to consider the method mentioned below for optimal absorption.

  • First thing’s first — the common mistake you made was to take a multivitamin tablet empty stomach without having a filling meal prior to it. While this may seem like a convenient fix to boost your energy first thing in the morning, it may disturb the GI tract, aka the passageway that helps your digestive systems function smoothly.
  • Taking multivitamins on an empty stomach can also lead to nausea, diarrhoea or acid reflux in some cases. Make sure to take your multivitamins after a heavy breakfast to avoid these unwanted outcomes.
  • If you’re someone who skips breakfast (although this isn’t recommended for a healthy lifestyle), you can take it with lunch instead to kickstart your added active energy levels.
  • Avoid taking them right before exercise as intense movement may induce the production of gastric acid. Instead, give it a short time to settle in and let your body absorb it before you start a heavy workout session.
  • Never exceed your recommended dose of a multivitamin tablet, unless your physician specifies it personally. Taking more than the recommended dose can make you feel nauseous.
  • Taking a multivitamin the right way is important for a better absorption of the tablet. Taking a multivitamin after a meal may also help improve many of your body’s internal processes like digestion.

A multivitamin’s job is to make men feel more active and energetic, even when the tasks of the day get hectic. Hence, consuming them properly is important. It is ideal to have a full breakfast and follow it up with a good multivitamin as this method is generally recommended as a good and healthy practice to begin your day on an energetic note. While on the topic of good multivitamins, HealthOK should be your ultimate choice when you’re looking to get the best out of the supplement and win back your lost energy.

Health OK is packed with the power of taurine and natural ginseng, along with 19 essential vitamins and minerals to keep you energetic throughout the day, with just one tablet a day recommended to be taken after a meal. If you still aren’t sure about the ideal time for you when it comes to the consumption of multivitamins, you should consult with your doctor to find the perfect time fit for you.