Maintaining Your Body's Vitamin Needs As You Age


We have all heard about the theory of supply and demand in economics. Both are interdependent on each other. But it is seldom balanced which leads to a constant need for either. If there is more demand than supply, there is inadequacy. Similarly, if there is more supply and less demand, there are high chances of wastage. For any kind of ecosystem to function efficiently, there is a balance needed between the two. Our body works in a similar fashion. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the process of depletion of vitamins and minerals in our body as we age and how to manage the same throughout. 

As we cross a certain age, we go through multiple stages of development. The vitamins and minerals help the body handle and manage different everyday functions and performance. Right from mentally solving tasks to physically having the energy to do basic tasks during the day, the vitamins and minerals in the body play a very crucial role in regulating and supporting your body. Since our everyday bodily functions are dependent on the levels of these essential nutrients present in the body, keeping them at their optimum is our responsibility. 

Ideally, one is supposed to get all the supply of vitamins and minerals through their dietary requirement. But as we grow older, we fail to maintain a balanced diet which decreases our essential nutrient intake. Dietary habits play a huge role in the replenishment of these but due to stressful and busy lifestyles, it is difficult to maintain the levels needed. Some also restrict having food due to weight gain which leads to loss of the necessary goodness needed for the body to function properly. These also affect our body’s ability to absorb nutrients. To tackle this, it is necessary to start the intake of the right kind of multivitamins to maintain the mineral levels in your body. 

Here are some essentials for men as they begin to age

The sun vitamin - Vitamin D

Due to inadequate exposure to sun, your body doesn’t produce enough vitamin D. In-taking these helps you prevent weak muscles and bones as well as help in calcium absorption.

The heart-ally - Folic acid

Folate or folic acid is from the family of B vitamin which is extremely important to help fight heart diseases and regulate its levels. 

The master mind - Vitamin B12

For a healthy nervous system, one needs to take B12 as it is a brain booster and helps normalise the regulation of nervous system and memory too. 

The immunity expert - Vitamin A

We have realised the importance of good immunity. One of the best immunity boosters is Vitamin A which helps your vision as well as strengthen the immune system. 

The healthy aging one - Vitamin C

Last but not the least, the immunity and aging vitamin, Vitamin C. It is helpful not to just maintain and regulate immunity but also help slow aging and help build good nutrition. 

All in all, for you to be able function as you grow older, you need some vital vitamins that can help you function right. HealthOK multivitamin gives your body the essential vitamins and minerals needed function and keep it at an optimum state. Powered with 20 essential multivitamins, minerals, and amino acids and the essential formulation of natural ginseng, taurine, zinc, and vitamins C and D, helps with daily energy, improved immunity, and overall health. Try it for yourself now.