How To Sustain Your Energy And Immunity?


In the past 2 years, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of immunity. We understood the importance of having a strong immunity to avoid diseases and protect ourselves from viral infections. The ones with strong immunity were less prone to deadly diseases and the ones with low immunity contracted it easily. To be immune to something comes with its set of conditions and there ought to be followed for a good immune system. 

But what is immunity and how do you balance it well for a sustained period? Can a better and improved diet strengthen it? Or does it require minor lifestyle changes? Let’s just say it’s all the above. 

To begin understanding immunity, imagine it as working of a car. There are multiple working parts in the car that come together to run it efficiently. Right from oiling to constant maintenance, from replacing the worn-out parts to making sure it is running at its optimum. Just like you take care of your car, it is necessary to pay attention to every small detail to keep your immunity at its best. 

There are a few ways to regulate and improve your immunity. Here are some of those practices that you can include in your lifestyle and head towards healthy living.

Move your body - Physical Activity 

The endorphins released during any kind of physical activity help manage stress and keep you more active throughout the day. Being outdoors can naturally energise you and help you recharge and regulate your sleep cycle as well. But do remember to have fun in every activity instead of being overwhelmed with it. The more fun you have with any kind of physical activity you do, the likelier you are to stick to it for a long time. 

Eat right. Eat Well. - Nutritious Food

We’ve been always told since childhood to eat veggies and fruits, and loads of egg and if you’re a vegetarian then paneer or soya. This age of junk has strayed us away from precious and nutritious natural foods. These give you the energy you need to function and strengthen your immune system gradually. The less processed food your intake the better you get. The art of including nutritious food like soups, veggies, stews, and smoothies is to experiment with different recipes.

Fix your night routine - Sleep Well

Sleep is the biggest healer there can be. A regular and sound sleeping person tends to have a healthy immune system. But before you even try to fix your sleeping schedule, understand how your day-to-day activities occur and follow your body’s natural sleep and awake cycle in relation to time, also known as the circadian rhythm. Slow down as the day begins to end and sense the energy calming down. Often, we are so caught up in the stress of life that we forget to relax and in turn have bad quality sleep. If you do want to build a healthy sleeping cycle, you need to clock in at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily and live a healthy life. 

Multivitamins for the win - Intake Supplement

And last but not least, the right kind of balance is all you need to get immunity into proper shape and hence live a wholesome life. Try the Health Ok multivitamins which don’t just help you with vitamin and mineral deficiencies but also boosts your need for good nutrition.

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