EOD Hits Hard These Days?


Balance! Something that we are striving for these days and it seems to be getting difficult day by day. 

Let’s agree that living a sabbatical life or a stress-free life is close to impossible especially for anyone who has goals, a family, and basic living. It is therefore important to find a way around a busy and hectic work schedule to maintain overall health and immunity. As someone who is on the go, finding balance to keep your mind, body and soul requires conscious efforts. 

Cracking the code to do the right thing during the day can be a task but the key to this lies in the very thing itself, the HABIT. We are an animals of habit and the routine we follow, be it balanced or not, is out of habit. Therefore, building a habit that can benefit you is absolutely necessary. Building a habit can require discipline and a lot of effort in the beginning but as the days go by it will turn into muscle memory and you get used to it.

That being said, if you’re already someone who has started to build that habit, start with your health. Pay attention to the minute details in your body externally and most important internally. We often neglect the very thing that keeps us going on and on, which is our immunity. Do you feel tired suddenly or just low at the end of the day and not left with any energy at all? It could be because of the lack of vitamins and minerals in your body.

Now, this may seem like something that doesn’t have much importance but remember that in the longer run, you might face vitamin deficiency. Knowing the right way to figure out what vitamin deficiency you have at an early stage can help you regenerate the lost goodness from your body. Figuring out what your body needs can be done in several ways. One simple way is to pay attention to the symptoms.  

Here are some ways to figure it out. 

Falling sick often? 

Not being at your optimum health can be due to depleting vitamin C, E, and D which are known to strengthen your immune system. Hence finding a multivitamin that can boost immunity is required. 

Low on energy mid-day? 

When your body doesn’t meet its nutritional criteria, you may feel weak and lethargic leading to a low mood and less active energy. A mix of vitamins and minerals through a multivitamin can help you manage the same.

Forgetting things way more than before?

When you’re required to be on your toes all the time and be attentive, it requires a lot of brain energy. When you’re at it with constant stress, you might feel a brain fog that isn't easy to shrug off. It is, therefore, necessary to take vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids to feel aware and attentive.

Feeling gloomy after a tough day at work? 

Having vitamins & minerals can aid in reducing stress and help your overall mood drastically. Depressive episodes can occur due to low levels of vitamins and cause vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B has proved to stimulate the nervous system and regulate your stress hormone and improve your overall brain function.  These might be some common symptoms that you may be  experiencing due to an imbalanced lifestyle. Health OK multivitamin tablets are a pure mix of a few of these integral multivitamins that are needed for your core function. A proper diet, calming activities and one tablet of Health OK can restore the lost vitamins & minerals in your body. Always remember, the key to a balanced life is to build the habit. So, work towards it consciously and see the difference for yourself.