Are All Multivitamin Tablets Vegetarian?


So you’ve decided to take a multivitamin tablet! That’s great! Now, you’re one step closer to making changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

While many men switch to taking multivitamin tablets for various reasons, a common one is about meeting their nutrient needs that their diet often lacks. As meat, poultry and fish are often the best sources to get your fill of important vitamins and minerals, men who eat a vegetarian diet may feel the lack of it if they don’t know the right substitutes. So if you’re one of those men who do not wish to compromise on essential nutrients but still maintain a vegetarian diet, a veg multivitamin tablet might be the right choice for you.

But everything isn’t as it seems. How can one be sure that the multivitamin tablet they’re consuming is 100% vegetarian? There are a few things you must look out for when you want to be certain that you’re taking a wholly veg multivitamin tablet.

  • Various vitamins are sourced from animal products, for e.g. Vitamin A from cod liver oil or Vitamin B12 from liver and eggs, among others. Thanks to development in science, we now have plant-derived substitutes of these vitamins.
  • While the ingredients themselves may be vegetarian, sometimes other additives like gelatine capsules are used to coat them. Point in case, gelatine is extracted from stomach and tissue linings of animals like pigs, cows and goats. Vegetable cellulose caps are the perfect replacement for gelatine coating.
  • A lot of tablets also use colours like red food dye aka carmine, which is often extracted from the dead bodies of scale insects. In vegetarian and vegan alternatives, these are replaced with synthetic food colouring.
  • Stearic acid is another such ingredient that is used during the manufacturing process. As it can be derived from both animals and plants, the best option is to look at the ingredient list that lists its vegetable source.

A huge part of the Indian population is on a vegetarian diet, and although it might be for different sentiments, most people don’t want to compromise on this aspect. And the good thing is that you don’t have to! There are plenty of plant-based alternatives when you’re considering a veg multivitamin tablet.

Health OK is one such tablet that is 100% vegetarian. It not only contains the benefits of taurine power and natural ginseng, but also has 20 other vitamins and minerals that can help you power through any task in the day. If you want a veg multivitamin tablet that gives you energy while fulfilling your nutrient goals, Health OK is a good choice. However, if you think your nutrition deficiency is affecting your health on a severe level, it is always advised to talk to your physician for the best approach to tackle the problem.