The Science Behind Why Our Body Needs Vitamins


We’re the generation WHY! We’re curious about what we do, what we know, and what we don’t. We don’t let any leaf remain unturned. Be it the smallest or the biggest, we want to get to the depth of anything and everything to understand, ‘how it actually works?’ Blindly following everything can benefit you for only so long, is our mantra.

Know what you’re consuming and feeding your body especially when it comes to any kind of medication or supplement. And since you do have the hunger to understand, we’ve taken some time to decode what happens inside your body? Let’s explore the science behind it.

Why Vitamin C and Zinc specifically? 

The need to fight the illnesses and build strong immunity is imperative. Both these super ingredients have helped many fight during the pandemic. Simply because they strengthen the immune system to fight or prevent common infections and other grave infections too. 

Let’s see how they and other multivitamins get processed in your body.

Decoding the journey of a multivitamin in your body 

As you ingest multivitamins, your body goes through multiple breakdowns to actually help derive the necessary energy from your food and give your body the nutrients it needs. 

Step 1 - Accompanied with food

Make sure you take the multivitamin along with some food to help dissolve the supplement

You can also include it with some meal that contains fat to help absorb the goodness. 

Step 2 - The absorption process

If you are taking water-soluble vitamins like B or C, then it gets absorbed in your bloodstream as the food gets broken down during digestion along with the supplement.

Step 3 - Minerals’ Reaction

Minerals similar to water-soluble vitamins get absorbed in the body quicker. Well, most minerals do. There are some vitamins that need a carrier for absorption like vitamin A, K, D and E. These are fat-soluble vitamins and stay in your body for longer.

Step 4 - Release in energy

As these vitamins and minerals get absorbed in the body through different mediums, they then help energy formation and increase the efficiency of the food you eat. 

Step 5 - Body Performance 

The received energy is then stored to be used for the right kind of activities important to your body. The stored energy also re-energizes you to feel fresh, full of energy and helps build your immunity.

Need of the hour

We know that immunity plays a big role in helping us fight the infections and more so since the last two years of the pandemic. Especially in times like these, your immunity is a prerequisite, and a compounded dosage of vitamin c and zinc is necessary. Both are extremely integral to building your immunity and keeping you safe from symptoms of the cold. A daily dosage of Health OK multivitamin tablet helps you to keep your health at its best optimal condition. 

Health OK Tablets contain 20 essential multivitamins and minerals that additionally help in treating general debility, weakness, lethargy, fatigue, tiredness, irritability, poor immunity, convalescence, and as a supplement in chronic illness too. So, wait no more! Now that you know how multivitamins benefit your body, it is about time to make it a regular habit and serve your body with what it needs to function at its best.