Here's how lifestyle change can help built immunity.


We owe our overall health and physical well-being to our immune system. Most of us are not even aware of how our immune system works to protect us from various diseases nor do we try opting for multivitamin and multimineral tablets. We complain of feeling "weak" or "tired" because of low immunity, but what we also forget is that it is our lifestyle that may be making our health worse. With the outbreak of Covid-19, we need to take care and focus on building our immunity today. People with a weak immune system are in danger of contracting the virus easily than others with strong immunity. That is all the more reason to rethink on our lifestyle and take multivitamin tablet into consideration in our daily life.

From headache, cold to skin outbreaks and sneezes, all these are signs that our body shows when our immunity is low. To top it, our lifestyle choice is taking a toll on our body especially the absence of supplements to boost immunity is being felt. Everyone lives a busy lifestyle these days with lesser time to look after oneself, if we all take a breather and make even a slight healthy change in our lifestyle that can be a starting for building immunity with the support of a supplement like Health OK tablet.

We have collated a few pointers that can help individuals implement changes immediately:

  • Rethink your diet plan
    Your diet and your immune system work hand-in-hand. Good nutrition makes a strong immune system. Include food that is good for your gut like probiotics, sprouted vegetables, antioxidant-rich food, protein, vitamins, fiber, etc. Think about adding a multivitamin tablet to your diet!
  • Do your workout
    Your physical activity has a lot of impact on your body’s defence system. When you work out, your immune system is at its highest performance level. Exercise as we all know improves your blood circulation and helps flush our germs through urine and sweat. Include daily workouts in your schedule to better your immune system. Consider taking Health OK as it has both natural ginseng and taurine to help maintain energy.
  • Get proper sleep
    Insufficient sleep is one of the major causes of a weak immune system, therefore, making you likely to be infected by diseases than anyone else. Your immune system works even when sleeping and lack of sleep can also directly result in you not recovering from any sickness quickly. 7 – 8 hours of sleep is needed no matter how busy you are, add don’t forget to add multivitamin tablets to it!
  • Quit Smoking
    Heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer are some of the few conditions caused by smoking. Its negative impact is documented even in the packets. Smoking makes your immune system so weak that it stops reacting or protecting your body from different alien cells.
  • Stress less
    Both your physical and mental health heavily impacts your immune system. Stress hampers the effectiveness of our immune system making us more prone to illness and it slows down recovery too. Under stress, your body produces more cortisol that disables the struggle to go back to normal, and the inflammatory response attacks itself impairing immunity in that process.
  • Age
    This is one point that everybody may already know, as our cells get weakened with our aging body, certain lifestyle changes can help including the above practices mentioned. In order to maintain a balance in your nutrients as you age, consider taking daily health supplement.
  • Existing medical condition
    Medical conditions, like diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer reduce the effectiveness of your immune system. Make sure you take your medicines while also keeping the health of your immune system in check.

While you keep all this in mind, pharmaceutical companies like Mankind Pharma's 'Health OK tablet' is recommended and can be consumed in spite of your busy lifestyle. It takes care of your overall health, energy, and immunity together. Know more about this supplement here: