Checkmate The 40s Fatigue - Restore Your Lost Energy


If you’re a man in your 40s, it is highly likely that you may have already started to feel the toll thatageing and low energy brings in your overall lifestyle. As you navigate through your 40s, it can be a monumental task to distribute the right amount of energy into everything you do to keep yourself from feeling exhausted.

Given the various changes your body goes through, including loss of muscle mass, weakening of the immune system, and various hormonal changes, we don’t blame you if you may have already started to look for solutions. However, overcoming these effects don’t have to be too complicated. With three simple lifestyle changes, you too can gain back your lost energy in your 40s.

Alter Your Dietary Choices

You can still enjoy the finer foods in life. Just reduce the consumption of added sugars, gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol for a healthier lifestyle. Eating a lot of vegetables along with protein-rich foods can keep you full for long, thus curbing your desire to eat junk food.

Meat and fish are the most obvious sources to have a diet full of proteins, vitamins and minerals. However, vegetarians and vegans have to look for other alternatives when it comes to these nutrients. The logical alternative, when your diet lacks these nutrients, is to switch to a multivitamin supplement. For example, a multivitamin like Health OK has all the right nutrients to get you moving and grooving all day long, and make up for the energy loss you might be feeling.

Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Did you know that by fixing your diet you can actually improve the quality of your sleep?

Try avoiding certain foods like caffeine, alcohol, sugary items and energy drinks, and you might just find yourself sleeping better. We also recommend that you stop eating 3 hours before bedtime, though if you crave a snack late at night, it’s always good to opt for whole foods like berries, bananas, cherries, pistachios, oatmeal, plain yogurt, that haven’t been heavily processed.

Move Your Body

While this might seem counterproductive if your goal is to save energy to focus it on other important tasks, it is important to keep your body moving and active.

You will start seeing the positive impact of exercising or performing any physical activity that gets you moving, can have on your body and mind. When you work-out, your brain releases endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, which make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Remember! Your goal should be to increase your energy and not work with what you have. This improves bodily functions that might be dulled due to a sedentary lifestyle. Combine this with the power of taurine and natural ginseng that Health OK provides and you’ll feel that extra boost of energy motivating you to reach goals for the day. So, take control of your life with more energy and conquer this challenging decade with finesse, one day at a time.